A branch of a popular fast food restaurant in Eltham is said to have an unwanted visitor.

It is said that a ghost is living in the basement of the Eltham High Street McDonald's, which was formerly the crypt of an old church.

Two websites have reported on several sightings of the ghoul, which they refer to as the "crypt dweller".

A post from paranormaldatabase.com reads: "Built on the site of an old United reformed church, this fast food establishment is said to have a haunted basement which was once a crypt.

"Some staff have reported encountering some kind of entity, though what it is has not been disclosed."

A spokeswoman from McDonald's said staff were aware of the rumours but had not personally encountered the ghost.

She added: "We are aware of these rumours, and while we have no confirmed sightings we would like to reassure our customers we aint afraid of no ghost."

The site of McDonald's originally belonged to pastor Henry Dobell who demolished his coach house and stables to build the church, which opened in 1868.

We went down to the site with local medium, Sally Cudmore from Chislehurst, to investigate.

Upon entering the restaurant, Mrs Cudmore immediately felt the presence of a woman who she thought was from the 1800s.

She said: "I've got the letter J around her, I don't know whether it's Jane or June or something like that but I've got the letter J.

"They also showed me a baby with her and it's pink so this baby's a little girl so she would either have been pregnant or she lost a baby quite close to her death.

"I feel like I'm being strangled so at first I thought she'd been hung but then she showed me her head was decapitated so her head was chopped off.

"This lady is always around here and I don't know whether this is where she passed or whether this meant something to her but you can definitely feel the connection with the basement here and where I'm sitting because it comes through very strong."

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