A Bromley school pupil, who has to wear trainers for medical reasons, says teachers tried to make her wear odd shoes ‘like a clown’.

Sasha Gibbs-Patel, aged 13, who attends the Harris Academy Bromley, had an operation on her left foot shortly before Christmas after suffering pains in her leg for months.

Her mum, Sarah Gibbs, said doctors told Sasha that after spending four weeks on crutches, she should wear comfortable trainers until her foot had fully healed.

The 33-year-old accompanied her daughter to the school, in Lennard Road, Beckenham, on Monday morning to explain to staff why her daughter was wearing the trainers.

But when her mum had left, Year 9 pupil Sasha said school staff provided her with an odd school shoe and told her to wear it on her good foot or be sent to isolation.

News Shopper:

Miss Gibbs, of Tudor Road, in South Norwood, told News Shopper: "After I left, I received a phone call from Sasha in floods of tears.

"On uniform they are quite strict but I didn’t think when it came to a medical reason it would be a problem.

"She says she has been treated like a clown by being asked to walk around the school in odd shoes."

Miss Gibbs, who lives with her partner Sasha’s father Parag Patel, aged 43, returned to the school to collect her daughter and took her home after the ordeal.

The retail worker, who has two other children Nathan, 10, and Teneisha, 16, added: "Sasha has never been in trouble at school before.

"She feels like she has been punished and picked on for this medical issue.

"I am really angry and disappointed with the school."

News Shopper:

But when News Shopper contacted the school for comment, a spokesman said they had not been made aware that Sasha needed to wear the trainers for medical reasons.

He said: "The issue has now been resolved.

"We have a strict uniform policy in the academy which is respected because it is fair and treats everyone the same.

"Obviously there are exceptions to this, for example following medical advice.

"Had we known the student would be required to wear trainers following her operation, we would of course had allowed it.

"We've now discussed it with her mother and her medical needs have been assessed and we are following the medical guidance.

"She has now returned to normal lessons."