A Slade Green seven-year-old has completed a course of potentially life-saving cancer treatment in the US - and claims the worst part is not being able to sing along to Frozen.

Frankie-Rose Lea, who lives with her family in The Nursery, was diagnosed with cancer in her brain and spine on August 4 last year.

Following a public appeal to raise £160,000, the Haberdashers’ Aske’s pupil flew to Oklahoma City on November 25.

Frankie-Rose underwent six weeks of proton beam therapy, along with full cranial and spinal radiation and physiotherapy in the ProCure Proton Therapy Centre.

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Frankie-Rose Lea

Proton therapy aims to precisely target a tumour, reducing damage to healthy tissue near the tumour and potentially offering higher, more effective doses of radiation.

The brave youngster was joined on the trip by parents Sam, 34, and Michelle, 36, and brothers Alfie, 11, and Freddie, who turned six in Oklahoma.

Dad, Sam Lea, said: "Therapists would sing along dance and joke around with her to make her relaxed and happy she always came out of treatment smiling.

"Frankie-Rose has coped extremely well throughout her treatment - she is a fighter inside and out and will win this battle."

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Frankie-Rose with dad, Sam Lea

Frankie-Rose, who became wheelchair-bound following chemotherapy, is now walking with a frame.

The Lea family have praised ProCure staff and hosts Marc and Patty.

Mr Lea added: "We stayed in a house which belonged to Marc and Patty - we were invited to Thanksgiving and Christmas and they put on a birthday party for Freddie. We will be forever grateful to them.

"If anybody has to go through what we are going through Oklahoma is the place to be, being surrounded by other children and their families was extremely inspirational, we all kept each other going."

In an emotional speech, made to people at the ProCure Centre on finishing her treatment, Frankie-Rose said: "When I first found out I had cancer I was scared of my treatment, now I'm not scared anymore you just get used to it.

"The hardest part of radiation is not being able to sing along with the music."

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Frankie-Rose with her family on her last day of treatment

During the seven minute clip the brave youngster thanks her doctors and shows off her progress in physiotherapy before telling her parents and brothers that she 'loves them very much.'

Frankie-Rose will now have to wait eight weeks to find out if treatment was successful.

The Lea family will return to the UK on February 10 following a well-deserved break at Disney World Florida.

The Lea family's thank yous

The Lea family have thanked all those who have supported them from both sides of the Atlantic.

Sam Lea said: "For the people that have supported us throughout this terrible time whether it be financial, friendship or family thank you will never ever be enough - it really means the world to Frankie-Rose and us as a family."

• Josie - Frankie Rose is now walking with a frame thanks to her physiotherapist, Josie. Sam Lea said: "Frankie loved going to see Josie."

• Donna - The Lea's have especially thanked Donna for looking after Michelle, being her shoulder to cry on and being a true friend.

• Dennis - for spending extra time with Frankie-Rose playing frozen on the piano while she sung along.

• Kaylah, Brendan, 'Proton John,' Lauren, Jordan and Frankie-Rose's Gantry team.

• Doctor Confer  and Doctor Chang - Sam Lea said: "You won our daughter over and we can't thank you enough for what you've done for her."

• Nurses Nicky, Vicky and Diana

• Hosts Marc and Patty - Sam Lea added: "Marc and Patty treated us like family - they are angels and we will be forever grateful."