Parents have branded a Frozen party in Beckenham "dangerous" and demanded a refund.

Outraged adults refused to let it go over the party organised by Perfect Kids Parties in Beckenham's Langley Park Sports and Social Club.

They claimed there was overcrowding, inadequate security, unhealthy food and inappropriate music.

With early bird entry £15 and full price tickets £17; many demanded refunds but claim the company Facebook page has mysteriously disappeared.

Nadine Rochford, 40, from Elmers End, attended the event on Sunday January 25 with her three-year-old daughter.

Mrs Rochford, a PR director, said: "Very disappointing. Last night I commented on Perfect Kids Parties Facebook page about the disappointment, as had others, but saw later that it was taken down as a page!

"I think it's not just a shame but at times bordered on chaotic and at worst could have been dangerous.

"All in all, my friends and I just left after 45 minutes, as our children, aged three and four had seen nothing, had no seat and missed the welcome cakes."

Kathryn Marshall, 40, attended with her five-year-old and seven-year-old daughter, who is disabled, and is demanding a refund.

The freelance consultant from near Croydon Road said: "I felt that the event was overcrowded, unsafe, poorly executed and a huge disappointment.

"I was shocked at how badly planned and unsafe the event was. The kids were so squashed on the dance floor that they were unable to participate in any of the activities."

She added the food was sickly sweets and had run out near the start of the party.

Ms Marshall added: "We left after an hour with both girls crying. Not a great experience for something that cost us £35 and was supposed to be the highlight of our month."

She also questioned the music which was playing 'I'm too sexy', branding the DJing "sloppy".

A spokesman for Perfect Kids Parties said: "We have taken on board the honest feedback received from a minority of customers to make sure issues of parent overcrowding do not occur again and look forward to welcoming children to our future events.

“Children's safety is of paramount importance to us."

Some parents thought the day went well, with Alice Seward, 35, from Bromley, saying: "I wanted to say that my children aged five and three really enjoyed yesterday, the decorations, actors and singing were great."

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