Would you share a flat with this lot? A string of creepy ads have been placed online by south east Londoners renting out rooms for as little as £1 or even for free - but only in exchange for sex.

One creepy Catford homeowner is renting out his property for people to have sex with their dates in - and is waiving the fee completely if you let him watch.

News Shopper:

The shocking ad is one of a string of listings on website Craigslist where people rent out room for free in return for sexual favours ranging from wearing lingerie whilst doing the cleaning to performing more explicit acts.

The Catford listing reads: "Discreet house in Catford available for men who need somewhere private to have sex with their dates. For bi, gay and straight men with their partner(s).

"It's free if you let me watch."

News Shopper:

Over in New Cross a man is offering a "room for benefits". He writes: "The world ain't great. We all gotta deal with it. Place to stay for a couple of days... week or so. 

"All things taken care of... I just need a girl to share my bed while you're here."

News Shopper:

A picky 39-year-old Charlton man seems particularly keen on sharing with a fair-haired woman.

He writes: "I am looking for a girl to share my room for free in exchange for intimacy.

"I don't have a preferred race but I like blondes more than any others."

In a bid to entice a female with close proximity to household goods, he adds: "I also have a supermarket under the building I live but I am not rich (YET)."

News Shopper:

Meanwhile, an Eltham couple think they have a better offer. "Naughty ladies" can rent a spare room for just £400 including bills - with the catch being you may need to have sex with a 41-year-old man and his fiance.

He writes: "This being Craiglist I'd especially like to hear from any naughty ladies that might be for the occasional night in of mischief, either with myself or my fiance."