When an invitation came in from Charlton to fly our Shopper Chopper at The Valley I was over the moon.

This must be the perfect venue, it’s sort of outdoors, but sort of indoors – brilliant.

The sun was shining brightly and whilst there was a chill in the air there was no wind at all – perfect.

Flying just above the stands gives a superb eagle-eye view of surrounding landmarks and hovering close in front of the dugout gave us a manager’s viewpoint of the pitch.

The grass looks in fantastic condition so i wasn’t surprised the cheery head groundsman was keen we didn’t stray onto the pitch. Mind you, he didn’t mind our video showing off just how good it looks at the moment.

I hope you enjoy this short flight around The Valley. Thanks again to the Addicks for inviting us along, we loved it.

PS. Would anyone else out there like to invite Shopper Chopper along for a flight? Email me with requests

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