Kent County Council is planning to transfer responsibility for its libraries to a charitable trust.

A consultation has begun on whether Kent County Council (KCC) should hand over responsibility for the library, registration and archive (LRA) services to a trust. Residents have until April 8 to make their views known.

KCC is hoping the trust model will make its libraries more sustainable as the council needs to cut £3.27million from its budget over the next three years.

In July last year, KCC confessed to a "mistake" when a job advert went out to oversee the transformation of the LRA services before publicly consulting on the change or having councillors agree to it.

The project manager role was advertised and then withdrawn when the blunder was spotted but Councillor Tom Maddison told News Shopper he was disappointed.

He said: "I don’t feel very happy about the council advertising the job before the elected members of the council have been consulted.

"I would prefer to keep with the structure we have but if necessary the trust model is worth exploring."

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