Did you spend much of last year staring into the wardrobe in despair yelling the all too-familiar phrase, “I have nothing to wear!”?

Fear not, for Bluewater’s personal stylists , Miss Dress, are on hand with some top tips to help you transform your wardrobe and give you some key trends for spring and summer that will help you kick 2015 off in style.


Sort your clothes into piles

Sort through what you already have in your wardrobe and be sure to be ruthless; anything you don’t wear, add to the ‘give away’ pile.

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Take pictures

Now that you have identified what is staying and what is going, take some pictures. It’s the best way to identify items that may need something to go with them to make the outfit complete.

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Repack your wardrobe in a different order

Put your clothes back in the wardrobe in a completely different order – this is a brilliant way of spotting new outfit combinations and sometimes simply mixing up your wardrobe is enough to give you instant inspiration.

Flick through some magazines

Hopefully from editing and streamlining your clothes, some new outfit combos have already jumped out at you. Now, flick through some magazines, or create a Pinterest board, and put together a collection of images of outfits you’d like to wear yourself.

Make a shopping list

Together with your magazine inspiration, come back to the photos you took of the items you need something to go with, and make a shopping list.

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Hit the shops

Armed with your list and any image inspiration – you are ready to go shopping! Set your budget and even list the shops you want to go to. Many of Bluewater’s retailers have a Click and Reserve service, meaning you can choose and then hold your items online before heading down for the full shopping experience and to buy in store.




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With all manner of hippie inspired clothing laden with embellishment, swirls and bold bright floral prints, the retro vibe is the biggest trend for spring summer. Time to channel your inner Janis Joplin. 


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With the seventies ruling the catwalk, retro fabric suede is making a big comeback. Gone is the Donkey Jacket of times past, and in is the neat and fitted sharply tailored cropped jacket. 


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From amber and canary to saffron and marigold, there will be a shade of yellow for everyone, even if it is just a flash.