A Lewisham political party has called for renationalisation of the railways and reduced fares.

The Green Party hit Lewisham station in their campaign last week after January saw yet another annual fare increase.

They have proposed to make fares more affordable by lowering the government's road spending plans, saving the average commuter hundreds of pounds each year.

Green Party parliamentary candidate for Lewisham West and Penge Tom Chance said: "The way the rail network is being run purely for the benefit of private corporations clearly isn't delivering for the public." 

The party claims the cost of train travel was expected to increase at three times the rate of average wages.

Mr Chance added: "Our first act would be to increase investment in our railways- a step our government could take today to give passengers a much needed financial break- we would then work to bring the entire network back into the public's hands, making sure that it delivers a quality and affordable service to passengers."