A Bromley resident has branded a burst water pipe left for a week 'a disgrace'.

Brian Tear, owner of Glasscraft in Masons Hill, was shocked after his street was turned into 'a river'.

He claims a water main has burst, sending torrents of water bubbling up through the pavement for a week.

Mr Tear, who also lives on Masons Hill, said: "Last Friday they [Thames Water] said a six inch main has burst. It's coming up from under the pavement.

"It's opposite the police station; I've been told they've reported it as well."

He claims despite numerous phone calls to Thames Water, the issue has been left.

He added: "They kept saying they were doing it, they said they've needed to get hold of contractors. I've been on hold on numerous occasions.

"It's like a river running down the street; it just flows down the drain. If we had a heavy rain that would be it.

"It's good clean drinking water, it's a disgrace. It's thousands of pounds down the drain, literally"

However, Thames Water assured it would be repaired this weekend.

A spokesperson said: "As the pipe is on a Transport for London red route and close to a very busy junction we’ve had to plan the repair for a time when it will have minimal traffic impact.

"It has been agreed with TfL the work will be done this weekend. Since the leak was reported we’ve been monitoring it to make sure the water is not posing a safety issue or affecting our customers’ supply."

Mr Tear, 60, added: "It makes me angry to see it. It must be thousands of gallons of water.

"It could have caused a flood, I'm outraged. To be left for a week is terrible."

TfL confirmed the leak was reported on January 2 and someone was sent out that day to inspect it, and judged it not be an emergency.