Was he waiting for a number 2? "Disgusting" footage has appeared of a man appearing to do a poo at a Blackheath bus stop - and transport chiefs are trying to track him down.

The later night plopper was picked up on a CCTV camera run by a local business in Charlton Road near the junction with Wyndcliff Road.

News Shopper:

It shows the man pull down his trousers, sit down in the bus shelter and do his dirty business before cleaning himself using wet wipes from his bag which he then throws casually to the floor.

The CCTV camera keeps a log of the man's actions, seeming to show him urinating in the same spot.

He then returns, pulls down his trousers again, sits down smokes a cigarette and then wipes himself once more, this time hurling the used wipes at the bus stop itself.

The snooped-on pooper spends the rest of the time rummaging through the contents of his bags, appearing to flick lazily through a magazine before shamelessly boarding the bus home as if nothing has happened.

News Shopper:

Gav Lall, who captured the astonishing scenes, said: "I was pretty disgusted. It's not the sort of thing I would expect in Blackheath. But then, this kind of thing is disgusting anywhere."

Mr Lall, manager of bathroom showroom H2O Plus was alerted to the mess by one of his customers on the morning of January 7 and, realising his security camera pointed at the stop, whizzed through the night's footage to track down the culprit.

Despite the dark footage, Mr Lall said: "I'm 100 per cent sure about what happened. You couldn't help but notice the excrement."

And he added: "I assumed it was a he because he stands up to pee on it.

"It makes you think. Some people just don't respect the public transport service."

News Shopper:

Noticing people were queuing at the messy bus stop that morning, he rushed down there to cone it off and protect them from any potential health hazard.

But, after informing Greenwich Council, Transport for London and the police, Mr Lall said he was disappointed by the slow response to clean the bus stop.

Greenwich Council sent a cleaning team down, but Mr Lall said there was still some "residue" at the bus stop, adding: "You also expect the whole bus stop to be disinfected, especially with all the viruses going around."

After a call from News Shopper, a team gave the bus stop a full clean today (January 9).

This is not the first dramatic footage Mr Lall's video camera has captured. Two years ago he uploaded this video to YouTube entitled "How did he not see that ..... LOL !!!"

Mr Lall said: "Things like this happen from time to time.

"The van had a large hole in it afterwards in the roof. It was raining hard at the time and the hole acted like a drain."

A spokesman for Greenwich Council said: "Following a call from a local shopkeeper to report the mess left on the bus shelter, Royal Borough staff cleaned the area. 

"TfL have provided a further clean up to their shelter and will see if CCTV or Oystercard information from the bus boarded by the person can help provide an identification which could lead to enforcement action.”