All they wanted for Christmas was a neighbourhood free of filthy garbage and a putrid stench.

But, as these images show, the residents of Cornwall Drive in St Paul's Cray are spending yet another festive season eating turkey in the looming shadow of Waste4Fuel's enormous pile of trash.

Despite countless promises to clear the illegal mound over the last four years, nothing has been done.

Numerous inquiries, legal arguments and court hearings have culminated with this - an ugly, steaming, imposing heap of filth, with no end in sight.

News Shopper is calling for Waste4Fuel and the Environment Agency to pledge that this mess be cleared by next winter, so that the people of St Paul's Cray can finally enjoy an odourless Christmas.

News Shopper:

Shopper Chopper

News Shopper's office drone took flight last week to bring you this footage.

The small aircraft, known as the Shopper Chopper, took off from Cornwall Drive piloted by editor Andy Parkes for a 10-minute flight above the infamous Waste4Fuel site.

Andy said: "This amazing piece of kit now allows us to bring our readers news and images from a whole different viewpoint.

"It clearly shows just how enormous and disgraceful this site is.

"There's no hiding from the Shopper Chopper."

News Shopper:

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