Dartford Golf Club have backed down on a cull of urban foxes after thousands of people petitioned against the action online.

The News Shopper reported last week that bosses at the club, on Heath Road, admitted to allowing a licensed shotgun holder to shoot foxes spotted on the green as they 'cause damage and excrement all over the golf course'.

News Shopper:

A letter advising club members about the cull was leaked online prompting thousands of people to sign an online petition against the shootings.

The petition, set up by Richey Estcourt, aged 37, amassed 3,000 signatures in just seven days.

Matthew Streets, general manager of the club, has now announced that "no further activity will now take place" until a policy review early next year.

Mr Estcourt, 37 told News Shopper that although he was pleased with the decision that this is not the end of the matter for him.

News Shopper:

He said: "It sounds like we have managed to achieve something here, but it doesn’t stop the damage that has been done.

"I won't 'declare victory' until they confirm in 2015 that the practice will not be continued at all. In the meantime, the foxes have a reprieve."