The rape of a 17-year-old girl in a housing estate has left the Thamesmead community in "shock".

The teenager was walking along Binsey Walk on Tuesday (December 9) at around 7.30pm when she was approached from behind by a man who threatened her with a knife and dragged her to a bin area under a nearby walkway.

After raping her, the man ran off towards Harrow Manor Way.

Both the Met and Thamesmead and Erith MP Teresa Pearce condemned the "terrifying attack" and neighbours told News Shopper they are living in fear.

Sandra Wright, 67, of Binsey Walk, said: "I felt terrible when they told me what had happened. 

"I only found out about the rape when the police knocked on our door. It happened just outside but you can’t hear anything when you’re inside the flat.

"I wouldn’t have expected it to happen at so early in the day. 

"I’ve spent 41 years in this place and I’ve seen the whole estate deteriorate."

Ms Wright is now scared for her safety.

She said: "I feel very vulnerable and I wouldn’t go out on my own now.

"There are too many nooks and crannies round here for people to hide in." 

Emma LeLacheur recently moved from Binsey Walk to nearby Mangold Way where she feels much safer.

News Shopper:

The 37-year-old told News Shopper:  "I’m so pleased I found out about the rape: my God, that could have been my daughter.

"She’s 20 and I’d worry when she’d come to babysit. 

"My husband saw the teenage boy being attacked in the summer out of the window. 

"Apparently these grown men jumped out of cars and just jumped on him.

"I didn’t like living in Binsey Walk and I worried about my son, he’s only 14. 

"I feel much safer where I am now."

Detective Inspector Neal Burton from the Met's sexual offences, exploitation and child abuse command

said officers are still hunting for the assailant.

He said: "This was a terrifying experience for the victim who has been extremely brave in coming forward to report the rape and assisting the investigation team, who are following every available investigative lead to identify and arrest her attacker as soon as possible."

Ms Pearce told News Shopper she was urging Bexley Council to boost safety.

News Shopper: MP Teresa Pearce

She said: "The young woman has been through a terrifying ordeal and it's been a shock to all of us that this could happen. 

"At the recent public meeting residents were very clear they wanted CCTV and better lighting in order to feel safer. 

"I have written to Bexley Council to ask what progress they have made since the public meeting to respond to the residents’ requests." 

A spokesman for Peabody, which runs the housing association in Binsey Walk, said: “‘We take community safety and security very seriously, and are working closely with residents, the police, our local authority partners and others, to help our communities to be and feel safe.

“This includes better lighting, landscaping and improvements to the built environment."


The man who attacked the 17-year-old girl is described as black, of average build, approximately 5ft 8in tall and around 25-years-old.

Police say he was wearing dark blue jeans, black Adidas trainers and a dark coat, described as bulky with a hood.

His face was partially covered by a black scarf which may have had grey stripes and carried a black bag.

It is thought he was of African descent with a London accent.

Call the Met on 020 8721 4677 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Greenwich man charged with rape of girl in Thamesmead