A restaurant in Lewisham is aiming to share the love this Christmas by offering people a free meal on Christmas Day.

Cummin' Up Caribbean restaurant on Lewisham High Street are opening their doors on Christmas Day to anyone who needs a free meal or even just someone to talk to.

Richard Simpson, owner of the restaurant, has opened his doors on Christmas Day for six years to offer some of the less fortunate people in the community a Christmas meal.

He said: "What we do is a small thing but it has to start somewhere, I do it so that I can teach my children the value of giving at Christmas.

"I'm not sold on the whole commercialisation of Christmas, I'm a born again Christian and we need to share the love, we just want to slow life down "We even set up tables on the pavement so that people who live with their dogs can have a Christmas meal with them."

The restaurant will be offering diners a taste of both a traditional Christmas dinner with a Caribbean influence, serving up turkey with brussel sprouts and stuffing alongside jerk chicken and rice.

Food is also donated by volunteers and friends of Mr Simpson, who serve up the food throughout the day and offer people a friendly voice.

Since starting the tradition six years ago, Mr Simpson has had some memorable stories of people walking through the doors.

He said: "About two years ago, we found a man on the streets, we later found out that he couldn't speak English.

"We found him rummaging through one of those Bluebird Bins for food, I just couldn't believe it on Christmas Day.

"We managed to sign eating to him and he eventually understood and we got him in for a meal., that's what it's all about."

Last year, around 40 people ate at Cummin' Up on Christmas Day but Mr Simpson said that they once had over 100 diners and that everyone is welcome.