An elderly, scooter-bound man has been forced to navigate his way through an assault course of holes and barriers outside his Downham home for months.

Ernest Flower, of Whitefoot Lane, has struggled to get out and about after workers dug up the pavement to replace street lighting.

The 87-year-old, who walks with the aid of a stick, cannot travel far without his mobility scooter.

Mr Flower said the pavement outside his house was replaced less than 12 months ago but has been uprooted again for the lights.

He told News Shopper: "I've just stopped going out. I can’t go out on my scooter with all that bumping up and down along the pavement.

"There have been heaps of rubble on the side. I have been relying on my son to take me shopping.

"How the ladies get on with their prams, I don’t know."

News Shopper:

Mr Flower is not the only Whitefoot Lane resident frustrated by the holes and barriers

Lewisham Council has partnered with construction company Skanska Infrastructure Services for the operation and maintenance of the borough’s street lights.

The council has planned to have all street lights replaced in every highway-maintained street across the borough before 2016.

Neighbour Alan Phipps, who has lived on the road with his wife Joan for 40 years, said the work had been ongoing for about two months.

The 74-year-old said: "People with prams and pushchairs are finding it really hard to get past. Ernie has been really struggling.

"He has to try to cross over to the other side of the road if he wants to go anywhere. It’s an extremely, extremely busy road.

"We understand the work has to be done but it seems to have been going on for such a long time."

News Shopper:

Ernest Flower with some of his neighbours on Whitefoot Lane

Jeanette Chattingham, aged 76, who has lived on Whitefoot Lane since 1984, said: "Ernest has found it extremely difficult. It has been dangerous.

"There has been no apology or a knock on the door to say how much longer it might be until it’s cleared. We’ve had no explanation at all."

Residents said they were concerned they would be faced with further disruption as workers have not yet removed the old street lights.

A Skanska spokesperson said: “The scope of street light replacement work in Whitefoot Lane is an extensive job comprising of approximately 80 separate tasks on each side of the street and 300m of trenching.

"Whilst these works have been underway, we have ensured that the legal requirement of a 1-1.2m footpath for pedestrians is maintained throughout.

"Work is due to start on the second side of Whitefoot Lane on 5 January and we would like to thank residents for their patience while these works are being carried out.”