At an eye-watering £250,000, luxury gift specialist Goldgenie’s latest project, a 24-carat gold bicycle, is worth more than a Ferrari or a two-bedroom Bromley home.

News Shopper met the local mechanics, who helped to build the bling British racing bike covered with a lustrous layer of gold from its gear chain to its spokes.

At bike shop Giant Store Bromley on Widmore Road, Cedric Crooks and Robert Bryans are used to helping their day-to-day customers choose the perfect cycling gear.

But back in April, Goldgenie approached them to see if they wanted to get involved in a project with a difference; creating one of the world’s most luxurious bikes.

News Shopper:

With shop owner 34-year-old Ross Mutrie’s blessing, the pair jumped at the chance and set about stripping down a standard Giant Defy model bike to its bare bones.

Mr Crooks, aged 52, said they photographed, labelled and wrapped each component before posting them to Goldgenie’s team of artisans for gold plating.

The shop manager, from Abbotts Walk in Bexleyheath told News Shopper: "Putting the gold parts back together afterwards was much more tricky.

News Shopper:

"It took half a day just to reassemble the brakes but slowly, we got the bike back together again.

"It looked very ‘blingy’ once it was finished and the bike is very much ride-able. It’s certainly the biggest project we have ever undertaken."

Mr Crooks and 39-year-old Mr Bryans, of Bridgstock Road in Thornton Heath are both keen cyclists.

Mr Mutrie, of Coulsdon Road in Caterham Hill, said: "When the idea first came about, Rob and Cedric really took to it.

"We put our heads together and chose the best bike that it could work with."

News Shopper:

Underneath the gleaming metal might be a fully functional racing bike but you are unlikely to get anywhere on it fast due to the gold’s notorious weight.

The company is also offering potential customers the chance to have the bike encrusted with jewels and the saddle customised with exotic skins.

News Shopper:

Goldgenie company director Frank Fernando said: "This men’s bike is not only a work of art to admire, but also to enjoy riding if you dare and are brave enough to face the stares of astonishment.

"The set-up and design is that of a high-end racing bike and while it may not reach the speed of light, the artisans at Goldgenie believe in catching the light as you travel!"