Comedian Russell Brand was left speechless on Question Time last night, following a disabled audience member’s impassioned speech ordering him to stand for parliament.

But the man with a walking stick, who accused Brand of being all mouth, turns out to be the brother of Farnborough-born UKIP MEP James Carver.

At the somewhat raucous debate in Canterbury, Robert Carver, from Chislehurst, told Brand: "Stand! Stand for Parliament. If you're going to campaign, then stand, OK? You have the media profile for it."

The comedian meekly replied: "My problem would be mate, I’d stand for parliament but I’d be scared that I’d become one of them.”

Mr Carver also defended Farage after Brand accused the UKIP politician of criticising the disabled saying: “I’ve never heard him criticise the disabled OK? Never.”

In a statement, James Carver said: "I can confirm that he is my brother. He is his own man and speaks for himself."

Viewers at home tweeted their support for the audience member after Brand appeared silenced by the exchange.



The audience member's Facebook page states he has a brother named Jimmy Carver.

And a guest blog ‘What I know about UKIP supporters in debates’ appeared on a website last month written by a man named Rob Carver claiming to be the West Midlands MEP’s brother.

A biography beneath the post also states: "Rob has been asked by UKIP to stand as the party candidate in the Tory safe seat of Beckenham at the general election."

On another post on the UKIP Facebook page in June, Mr Carver said: “My brother Jim Carver, was elected as a MEP for The West Midlands, and is in the process of taking his seat at the moment.”

Care assistant Damion Steele, from Merseyside, told News Shopper he knew the men were brothers.

The 23-year-old said: "A friend of mine knows the guy and asked if I would tweet Russell Brand because he doesn't want to be involved.

"Everyone is praising him for standing up to Russell Brand but if he has links to UKIP then the public should know about it."