A south east London rapper is feasting on Youtube views with a series of videos featuring urban music’s finest tucking into desserts in Catford.

Joe Grind - a senior member of the SN1 crew led by critically-acclaimed twice MOBO-nominated rapper Giggs - has produced a series of films where stars are challenged to eat two mega waffles and two portions of ice cream within five minutes at Kaspas dessert house in Rushney Green, Catford.

Joe said: “It’s amazing because where I’m in music, I can either grab you or you don’t like me at all. That’s the way it is – some people like rap, some people like R and B.

“With this challenge, everybody likes food.

“I have had a lot of feedback from a lot of countries. It has been getting a lot of good results, I didn’t expect that at all.”

MOBO winner Stormzy has a go

The first nine videos have seen the likes of MOBO winner Stormzy, I’m a Celebrity contestant Aggro Santos, comedians and Capital Xtra DJs scoffing treats as fast as they can.

Joe said: “They were all up for it because as people in the entertainment industry, it’s really hard to show your own personality on camera.

“Everyone does want to do it, that’s the thing. It’s a challenge. I remember as a kid watching challenges on TV and even now I watch Catchphrase and think ‘I could do that’.”

Initially, Joe filmed himself for the Joe Grind Kaspas Challenge to promote his latest EP Episode III, which was released in September.

He said: “I don’t know why it was two waffles, I don’t know why it was five minutes, I don’t know anything about why – I just literally said to myself ‘I wonder if I can do this’.”

One thing Joe was sure of was the venue.

The current fastest, Arnold Jorge

He said: “I’m a fan of desserts. I love desserts.

“As it was a fresh restaurant, I thought I would see if I could do business with them.

“Plus, this food taste better than the other restaurants I have been in so it was much easier for me to make my final decision.

“They love it. I have got a lot of the staff who are dying to do the challenge.”

Joe soon invited others from the music business to get involved and was met with a great response.

The fastest to complete the challenge so far is comedian Arnold Jorge, also known as A Squeezy, who demolished his waffles in one minute 39 seconds.

Joe said: “I don’t know how he did it. You know when you’re looking at something and you’re thinking ‘that did not just happen’.

“I was pinching myself on the spot. It was crazy. He’s the man at the moment.”

This Christmas, Joe and Arnold will step back into the breach against the two other diners to finish their waffles inside the five minutes - Capital Extra’s Marcus Bronzy and E-Plus.

Joe Grind's original challenge

For the special, the four will see who can eat the most of five waffles in ten minutes to be crowned series champion.

Joe said: “To be honest with you, I am nervous. It’s just going to be whoever eats the most after ten minutes is the champion of the world.”

Away from the challenge – which will return for a second series in February – Joe is busy promoting his EP, playing shows around the country and making new music.