Every day we pull some stats from a survey and say have a chat about the findings. Today: Can young people live without their mobiles?

50 per cent of smartphone users aged 18 to 24 admit they would feel completely lost if they were out and about and could not get online.

Nearly a third of this age group say they would have little use for a smartphone that didn’t have an internet connection.

37 per cent say they use an internet connection on their handheld more than any other feature, including making calls.

Socialising is what 18-24 year olds are doing the most – 46 per cent regularly keep in contact with friends through apps like Whatsapp and nearly 30 per cent are frustrated if they can’t access social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter.

45 per cent use maps on their smartphone to navigate and a third admit they’d be totally reliant on the internet to find their way around in a new place.

Only 15 per cent of young people admit being comfortable getting to a destination by reading road signs and 85 per cent admit they can’t read maps.

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Source: A study of smartphone users by Telenav, developers of free sat nav app Scout.

What do you think? Are you surprised by these findings? Do you see yourself in the profile of a young smartphone user who would be lost without an internet connection, who uses their phone mainly for social media and who can’t read a map? Post a comment below, or on Twitter using #nsstatchat