The mystery of a beeping sound driving Thamesmead residents round the twist has been solved - and the answer lies over in Abbey Wood.

Last week, News Shopper reported how Laura Tamaj, of Whinchat Road, could constantly hear the noise.

And now, reader Natalie Bennett, 40, has revealed the source - the button to call a lift at Abbey Wood's new footbridge, installed temporarily during Crossrail work.

The mum-of-one, from Felixstowe Road, said: "If they can hear it in Thamesmead you can imagine how loud it is for us. It's absolutely driving us insane and we can't put up with it for the next three years."

She said people were constantly calling the lift from the morning to the last train at night, sometimes leaning on the button for long periods.

Ms Bennett, who is complaining to Crossrail, said: "You can tell when people are peed off with it because they keep ringing.

"It's almost comical that the whole of Thamesmead and Abbey Wood are being kept awake by it."

A Crossrail spokesman said: "We understand that this unidentified beeping noise must be very frustrating for residents.

"We and Network Rail are very happy to work with local people to help identify the cause and whether it is coming from the lifts at the station."