Yet another member of the notorious Sonnex family is facing time in jail, begging the question - is this the most vile family in Britain?

Louise Sonnex - older sister of the brutal killer Dano - last week admitted driving a car into a double decker bus full of passengers while drunk in June.

The mother-of-two, from Ash View Close in Deptford, was arrested after police found her to be three times over the limit with drugs also discovered in a car she claimed belonged to a friend.

The 40-year-old has previously been convicted for glassing a woman while screaming "I'm going to open her up like a can of beans".

In 2009 she was also given a five-year sentence for attacking her father's girlfriend with a golf club.

She is just one member of a family which has haunted the area for many years with a string of disgracefully violent incidents.

Dano Sonnex is currently serving a life sentence for stabbing French students Gabriel Ferez and Laurent Bonomo 244 times in a drug-fuelled attack in 2008.

When arrested for the killings in Sterling Gardens, Dano - nicknamed 'Mad Dog' - turned to a detective and said: "I'm going to bite your face off".

After his sentence, the 28-year-old, who needed to be sedated during his murder trial – mouthed the words: "F*** you" to the father of one of his victims.

Since his conviction, he has appeared in court again for trying to escape from Broadmoor prison by fashioning a pair of wings made from refrigerator shelves.

Meanwhile, Louise's father Bernard Senior has more than 26 convictions and has been to prison six times while other brother Bernard has been in prison 10 times for at least 34 offences.

Louise, who turned up to an earlier hearing in a leopard-print onesie before toppling over in the courtroom, admitted drink driving, reckless driving, driving without insurance and driving without a licence on Thursday (November 20) at Bexley Magistrates’ Court.

Reacting to our story, she took to Facebook saying: "Oh well the whole world knows I binge drink and smoke cannabis f**k me I'm gonna hang myself LMFAO News Shopper send me a ROPE'.

Friend Jacqueline Ann Doxsey commented: "F**k 'em lou...I'm bailed back to Bromley Nick next week for assault and harassment, so we're both gonna hang then eh babes. F**k all the haters sugar t**s.....they wish they had your balls!!! .....f**king peasants!!!xx"

At a September 1 hearing she pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis.

She has been bailed until December 11 for a pre-sentence report.