A pair of pranksters hid in changing rooms at Gravesend's Cascades Leisure Centre to film a themselves splashing around after hours.

YouTube joker Daniel Jarvis, aged 26, and friend Raith Shearingaged 27, hid in the leisure centre, run by Gravesham Community Leisure Ltd (GCLL) in Thong Lane on November 15.

The pair are thought to have avoided staff who locked up the building, unaware that the two men were still in the building.

News Shopper:

Daniel Jarvis in Cascades Leisure Centre after-hours

Mr Jarvis, who was featured in News Shopper after posting videos of fake kidnappings across Gravesend online, said: "I do a lot of crazy stuff, I just thought it would be funny."

The video, called Cascades Leisure Centre After Hours Night Edition, shows the two men using the water slides, lazy river and Jacuzzi in a pitch-black Cascades to a sound track of Chiddy Bangs' 'I'm never growing up.'

News Shopper:

Raith Shearling enjoys private access to the leisure centre's flumes

At one point Mr Jarvis jumps naked in to the leisure centre's swimming pool.

Filmed leaving through a fire he then says, "Cascades, it's been emotional.

"Goodbye Cascades."

Mr Jarvis, known on Twitter as BMWjarvo, is no stranger to pranks having filmed numerous videos for YouTube channel, Trollstation.

Back in September, Jarvis took part in a series of fake kidnappings across Gravesend which were slammed by police as 'thoughtless'.

News Shopper:

Daniel Jarvis enjoys a dip in the Jacuzzi

GCLL branded the latest prank as 'extremely dangerous' and are now in talks with Kent Police about the situation after reviewing their own security systems.

GCLL Managing Director Rob Swain said: "There was a breach of GCLL’s security measures on Sunday evening with two persons hiding themselves on purpose within the building at Cascades Leisure Centre, which resulted in them being in the building at a time when it was locked.

"GCLL’s security alarm system was operated with staff attending the site but the two persons had vacated the building prior to the arrival of staff.

"GCLL are in liaison with Kent Police on this matter with the most appropriate action being taken in due course.

"A complete review of GCLL’s security procedures and systems has been successfully carried out.

"It should be said that this could be an extremely dangerous situation with unsupervised persons in such a facility as a leisure centre."