A Charlton community group has submitted a bid for a pub in an effort to keep it from being turned into a supermarket or flats.

The Charlton Society has written to Greenwich Council asking to be treated as potential bidder on the White Swan, which has already been given Asset of Community Value protection.

Their expression of interest means the pub cannot be sold off until next March - a six-month period where plans can be made for its long-term future can be made.

Carol Kenna, the society's new chairwoman, said: "The six-month moratorium will allow a conglomerate of interest to take a look at how feasible running the pub is.

"We can drum up more interest from people who know more about running pubs.

"What the society is concerned about it maintaining the quality of the village."

A public meeting on the issue will be held at the pub on November 25 at 8pm. Email thecharltonsociety@ozero.co.uk for more.