A Swanley woman was "disgusted" when her five-year-old niece almost cut herself on an open knife blade left on a supermarket shelf.

Naydean Cable of Willow Avenue, Swanley, made the chilling discovery in the washing powder aisle of Asda in Swanley Square while shopping with her family.

Her young niece was enjoying the trip out and was running her hands across the shelves when a streak of metal caught Ms Cable’s eye.

The 25-year-old said the supermarket refused to claim responsibility for the incident, saying the knife must have been left by a customer.

News Shopper:

She said:  "What kind of numpty would leave a Stanley knife in the middle of a shopping aisle?

"I am absolutely disgusted. What if my niece had cut herself on it?

"I'd gone into to the Swanley Square branch, off London Road, at around 3.30pm last Monday (October 27).

"My five-year-old niece was running her hands across the aisles. We were in the washing powder aisle and I saw a Stanley knife with the blade open.

"When I asked to speak to the floor manager and he came out and said he’d look into it. Then he rang me up on Wednesday and said he’d looked at the CCTV and it hadn’t come from one of the staff.

"I know people who work there and they use the same type, a cheap one with a yellow handle, for packing and unpacking. 

"It's a shame because I used to go there all the time for my shopping but I won’t go back. 

"I just wanted to make people of Swanley aware that they could come across something like this when they’re shopping."

Asda has not yet supplied News Shopper with a comment.