Every day we pull some stats from a survey and say have a chat about the findings. Today: Should we take it easy on Wednesdays?

More than 13 million working days are lost each year due to stress.

68 per cent of full-time workers feel they are working too many hours every week.

Half of workers would be in favour of working longer days in order to go back to half-day Wednesdays (a tradition phased out 20 years ago).

Of the 76 per cent of Britain's workforce who want the government to do more to address work–life balance, 56 per cent think MPs should introduce shorter working weeks and 52 per cent say increasing the minimum holiday allowance would help.

63 per cent of employed UK adults say given the choice they would rather work four 10-hour days than the traditional working week of five eight-hour days.

If they could have a half-day on Wednesday, 40 per cent of people would use this free time to do nothing but relax or potter, while 36 per cent would get important life admin done, such as visiting the bank or going to the dentist.

34 per cent of people say they are unable to socialise midweek because they are too tired -- this is more common among women (37 per cent) than men (30 per cent).

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Source: Survey conducted by Censuswide for Travelzoo. Today is national stress awareness day.

What do you think? Would you be in favour of shops and businesses having a half-day on Wednesdays to give staff an afternoon off? Would you work longer shifts if it meant getting time back later on? Post a comment below, or on Twitter using #nsstatchat