A generous pupil from Ebbsfleet Academy is urging fellow students to help people suffering in Syria.

On October 7, Ms Colwell, Principal of The Ebbsfleet Academy opened her emails and found an inspiring pitch from year 11 pupil, Joe Handley.

The 15-year-old said: "I take a very big interest in the current crisis that is happening in the Middle-East, including Syria.

"I noticed that it is possible to send aid boxes to the civilian victims of Syria who are in desperate need of supplies and food."

Joe suggested handing out jiffy bags with a "shopping list" inside to all students in the academy in the hope that they would each donate one or more items from the list.

He added: "My idea would be to come to the school at one point with my dad’s van, collect all the Jiffy bags and drive them to the collection point in Greenwich."

A spokesman for Ebbsfleet Academy said: "Joe is a credit to the academy and community and despite his studious approach to work, the free time he does make for himself, he is using proactively in an incredibly honourable way."