Kidbrooke station has been named as one of the capital’s worst phone signal spots for commuters in a new study by Global Wireless Solutions (GWS).

In the study GWS engineers carried out high-level tests while travelling back and forth on the ten most popular commuting routes into and out of London.

The engineers reported a total of 27 signal failures which out Kidbrooke station at number nine in the top-ten list.

GWS CEO Paul Carter said: “Leaves on the track, the wrong kind of snow, having to stand up all the way to work and back – commuters have enough to contend with without the kind of mobile connectivity problems we’re revealing today.

“Pressure from commuters makes it inevitable that trains won’t keep their status as mobile dead zones for much longer.”

At number one in the study with 99 failures was St Pancras station.

A spokesman from HS1 Ltd, owners of St Pancras station said: “St Pancras International station has excellent voice and data connectivity for mobile internet usage in all its public spaces at ground level and above.

“There are 15 train platforms at St Pancras station, two of which are underground. It is these two platforms, used by Thameslink trains, that were tested by GWS this week, and found to have low levels of voice connectivity. WiFi nodes were installed earlier this year to help give passengers on those two underground platforms access to data connectivity.“

He added: “These nodes are part of a broader roll-out of a new WiFi network at St Pancras that will provide 20 times the existing capacity of the station’s WiFi, allowing more than 7,000 people to stream HD content simultaneously.”