Residents are backing a campaign calling for trains to run from Bromley North station into central London once more.

More than 400 people have signed a petition campaigning for the mainline train service to be reinstated so it runs to London Bridge, Charing Cross or Cannon Street.

A shuttle service from Bromley North calling at Sundridge Park currently offers around three trains an hour to and from Grove Park station where commuters must change for connections to London.

Bromley North trains called at central London stations until 1990 when services were withdrawn following congestion at London Bridge.

Campaign leader Mario Giannini said the line must be reinstated to accommodate the growing number of professionals moving into the borough.

The 46-year-old, of Howard Road, said: "Lots of transport improvements have been made in the surrounding boroughs over the last few years and Bromley feels left out.

"We are not asking for an expensive, brand new rail system. Why can’t we just use the train tacks we have already got?"

Services also run from Bromley North station to central London when engineering works are being carried out at Bromley South.

Mr Giannini added: "The shuttle service is now outdated and irrelevant. We must have our direct train service from Bromley North back if we are to compete with the rest of the capital."

He wants the government to put pressure on train providers to reinstate the line. A spokesman for Network Rail and Southeastern said: "We know that people don't want to have to change trains on their journeys and we are always looking to improve services, and take the pressure off Bromley South.

"Bromley North trains would have to run into central London through London Bridge, which is one of the most congested parts of the railway network.

"For instance, 151 trains pass through there between 8am-9am every week day. In addition, direct Bromley North trains would have to cut across the paths of other trains at Grove Park, which is also very busy.

"At this point, we cannot squeeze another train in without negatively impacting on other services."

The spokesman said they would review the situation in 2018 after the Thameslink programme is completed.

The £6.5 billion rail project is expected to free up more capacity at London Bridge station.

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