A group of three pranksters have caused controversy performing a fake bank heist in Lewisham earlier this week.

A teenager from Eltham who leads the group, who we've chosen not to name, uploaded the video onto YouTube on Sunday which features himself and a fake accomplice shouting and running from HSBC and Santander in Lewisham High Street carrying a black rucksack.

Onlookers then rush to the scenes attempting to photograph the pair hearing a police siren which was a pre-recorded sound from their hidden cameraman’s mobile phone.

The group totalling five operate under the name Volvonic and have uploaded several other YouTube pranks in Lewisham.

The teenager said: “I used to watch a lot of stuff on Troll Station and they were basically a pranking show and I really got into it and invested my money into the starting up our own project.

“This prank has been the biggest one we’ve done but at the same time there was always a lot of risk involved.”

Other spoofs include fighting in shops dressed as an elderly man, hitting someone over the head with a beer bottle at a bus stop and pretending to slip on milk in Sainsbury’s which had been purposely spilt.

The latter of their collection of pranks has resulted in three members of Volvonic being barred from Sainsbury’s.

Click to watch the video.