An outraged mother has organised a 'boob and bottle' protest at a Bexleyheath pub after being 'ordered' to cover her breast-feeding baby with a dirty dishcloth.

Mother-of-four Olivia Pozniak was breast-feeding her 11-week-old son, Louie, at the Furze Wren pub, owned by Wetherspoon, in Market Place on September 21 when she was asked to cover up.

The 25-year-old, of Normanhurst Avenue, Bexleyheath, said: "I was having a late breakfast with two friends and Louis needed feeding - so I fed him.

"To me it's all the same, syringe, boob, bottle - you're just feeding your baby so I was shocked when a member of staff, who claimed to be the manger, came over with a dirty dishcloth - the sort you use to wipe down the bar - and said 'you're disturbing the other customers, can you cover up.'

"I stood up and asked the other customers - there were only about 15 of them - if they had a problem and they all said no."

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The angry mother, who has breast-fed her three other children, Eva, aged five, Luke, four, and two-year-old Jennifer, has now decided to take a stand - by holding a 'feed-in' in the pub on September 25 at 10am.

Ms Pozniak added: "What he has done is against the Equality Act which came into force in 2010 and Wetherspoon are supposed to be breast-feeding friendly.

"I want people to know about this so I've organised mums to go along and feed their babies in whichever way they choose.

"I don't think they'll like it but I didn't like the way I was treated - it was completely unfair."

So far, more than 42 people have agreed to attend the 'Wetherspoons boob and bottle feed in' which has been publicised on Twitter and Facebook.

Commenting on the event's Facebook page Troyangel Vydelingum said: "I think it's disgusting, been asked to cover up with a dish cloth aswell."

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Katherine Bird Nykola added: "That's a great idea. He broke the law under the Equality Act. It's the same law that makes racism illegal.

"This is a big deal for someone trying to do what's best for their baby."

Miss Pozniak also took to Twitter to defend herself, posting a picture of her on Saturday evening and another of her feeding Louie on Sunday morning.

She tweeted: "Saturday night vs Sunday morning. Which one is offensive? #breastfeeding #discrimination #freethenipple"

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In another tweet the mother added: "I'm pro breastfeeding, I'm pro formulafeeding, I'm pro mixed feeding, cup feeding, wet nursing & pumping. I'm just pro feeding your baby...."

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: "We apologise wholeheartedly to the lady. This should never have happened.

"Our pubs are welcoming to mothers who wish to breastfeed their children.

"The Wetherspoon staff member made a judgement of error in this case.

"There are no excuses and we do not offer one.

"We completely understand that this incident upset the lady in question and hope she accepts our apology."

For more information about the event, search 'Wetherspoons boob and bottle feed in' on Facebook or follow @Slingmama on Twitter.

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