A Catford father-of-two transferred £6,000 into his loving wife’s bank account before committing suicide in the River Thames today’s inquest revealed.

Kenneth Clark, of Boundfield Road, was troubled at being given extra duties by a work colleague which resulted in depression, his wife Patricia Clark explained at Southwark Coroners Court.

The 56-year-old Greenwich Council gardener, whose own father had taken his life, was described by his son as someone who “was always there for us.”

Paying tribute to her beloved husband, Mrs Clark said: “He was a lovely man, very quiet and never one to complain about anything really. We all just wish that he was back here with us.”

Recalling the events surrounding his disappearance on July 5 last year which had sparked a police search and rescue operation, Mrs Clark said her husband’s moods had been changing constantly which prompted a doctor’s appointment whereby counselling and medication were offered.

She was particularly concerned when Mr Clark transferred £6,000 from his ISA into her bank account the day before he drowned in the river.

Mrs Clark said: “One thing I do remember is taking a photo of Ken and my son and I just really didn’t like the photo at all. Ken looked so unhappy in the photo, he looked so ill.”

On the day of his disappearance, Mrs Clark said he had been out to his shed as he enjoyed making model boats but became agitated at accidently cutting his wrist causing him to go upstairs and rest.

Mrs Clark became upset after he told her he was going out without her and began to worry upon finding his old war medals on their son Mark’s bed with a text sent from Mr Clark to their son reading: ‘It’s all up to you now. I love you’.

She reported him missing at 10.28pm after a frantic call to her sister.

Police Constable Peter Hilder said Mr Clark was found by police on July 9 at 7.50pm following reports of a body in the Thames.

CCTV footage also showed Mr Clark parking his car in a nearby car park on the day of his disappearance at 2.20pm – the same time he had text his daughter Nicola, to tell her he loved her.

Coroner Lorna Tagliaviri recorded a verdict of suicide with “drowning” as the cause of death.