It’s Jeans for Genes Day today, which means we should all be sporting denim to support a good cause, but what sort of jeans should you wear to suit your body type?

For Jeans for Genes Day, we’re all encouraged to wear our best denim and make a donation to help children with genetic disorders (go to

Bluewater’s personal shoppers, Miss Dress, have put together the ultimate guide to wearing jeans to help you out.

The Bottom Line

No matter what shape, size or age you are, we at Miss Dress have one golden rule for choosing the perfect pair of jeans; is the not the leg shape, but where to pockets sit on your bottom!

To ensure your derriere always looks impeccably pert, no matter what leg shape you ultimately choose, you should always make sure that the back pockets are placed proportionately either side of your bottom and that they sit right over your natural curve.

Too big, too small or pockets that sit too high or even too low onto the leg, will all make your rear look wrong and will give an overall saggy, baggy effect.

Our best piece of jeans style advice is to check out your behind first before you even look at the front and whether the leg shape suits you.

Wide Hips 

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If you tend to carry weight in your hips and rear, a mid-rise bootcut fit will flatter your shape because the flare in the fabric at the ankle will balance out the top of your legs giving the impression of length and proportion. We advise you stick with dark blues or blacks for the most flattering effect.

We love Gap’s 1969 Sexy Boot Jeans in Indigo, £44.95

Short Legs 

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If you have not been blessed with the longest of legs be sure to stay away from super high-waisted jeans at all costs – they will make your legs look even shorter and create a very disproportionate effect.

Instead we say go for a low-rise cut in a slim straight leg in a solid colour to give the illusion of more length.

Avoid beached washes and never go for a wide leg or bootcut style as both these looks will only foreshorten you. 

We think Dorothy Perkins Petite Harper Jeans, £26, with their little turn up detail are fab as you can team with bright shoe to really make your legs look longer.

Long Legs 

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If you are lucky enough to have long legs, whilst we think skinny jeans look great, we also think flared jeans look fab too.

Play around with uneven, vintage washes to showcase pins and go for a high-waisted cut to add more balanced proportion through your torso.

We adore Topshop’s seventies flavoured Moto Clean-Cut Flared Jeans, £40

Flat Bottom 

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If you are concerned that your bottom never fills a pair of jeans, besides our number one back pocket style tip, we also suggest that you always select a slim cut jean (not a skinny fit).

This straight cut that fits very close to the body, without hugging bottom and legs, is the best shape. Bold stitching detail in curvy shapes that decorates back pockets is another clever way to make bums look rounder.

We think that Levi’s Slight Curve Jeans in Slim Fit, £80 with their bootylicious contrasting yellow back pocket stitched detail and are the best fit by far.


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The current trend for boyfriend jeans is so well-suited to curvy figures.

The wider leg cut makes them perfect for fuller thighs and calves whilst the straight shape ensures leg look elongated and not stocky.

Not only that the mid-rise waist means that they sit in exactly the right place for creating a slimming flattering shape.

We love Monsoon’s Alex Boyfriend Jeans, £45 that have a lightly distressed finish that runs right down the centre of each leg, making legs look longer and slimmer.


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If you want to conceal particular skinny pins, we suggest embracing this autumn’s berry coloured jeans.

Skinny fit is still best (wide legs, bootcuts and boyfriend styles will all swamp you), but the bold intense colour will give the illusion of a fuller thigh and calf effect.

Our favourites are Oasis Jade Jeans in Red, £38 for nailing the look.