When refurbishing a bathroom the first thing to consider is layout, writes Jeni Madden, owner of Bromley-based interior design consultancy.

It can be expensive to move a soil stack – the essential pipe at the back of the toilet – so I usually advise that it is best to leave a toilet in its current position.

If you have the luxury of starting from scratch then, if possible, try not to put the WC facing the doorway.

In a smaller bathroom a wall hung toilet will help make the floor feel visually bigger as will a wall hung floating vanity unit.

Another favourite tip in a small shower room is to bring the radiator pipes out of the wall rather than the floor, again freeing up floor space and helping the room feel bigger.

A corner sink is also a great way to maximise space.

Think about shelving and storage before any work commences, for example by creating small niches out of unused gaps between joists or pipework to make a shelf for shampoo bottles.

Good lighting is key in a bathroom with downlights the norm.

However it is worth thinking about additional lighting. There are some lovely wall lights from companies such as Astro lighting which will lift the room scheme and add visual interest and good lighting beside mirrors.  Alternatively floor lights around a bath will create a softer mood and make practical night time lighting.

Underfloor heating is a must for ceramic tiles, porcelain or stone floors. If this is impractical think about warmer floor surfaces such as rubber, linoleum or vinyl.

Jeni Madden, owner of JMdesign provides affordable interior design consultancy, and can be contacted through jmdesigninteriors.co.uk, or call 020 8462 1572.