Police investigating an attempted burglary in Hartley are warning residents to be on their guard.

Two men are believed to have tried to trick the owner of a property in Fairby Lane by claiming there was an injured cat in his garden.

The victim was at home on August 13 when he discovered a man in his dining room.

The man claimed he had been knocking on the victim’s door for ages and had let himself in as he needed help with a cat which was injured in the victim’s back garden.

The man claimed the cat had gone into some undergrowth and said that he was with a friend who had called the RSPCA.

The victim then found a second man in his kitchen, who was talking to his elderly mother.

This man claimed a cat was stuck in the sewer and that the water would need to be turned off. When the victim mentioned that he should probably call the police the men then left, saying they needed to complete some paperwork.

Investigating the incident, PC Natalie Gillette said: "There is always a possibility that these two men may have been acting honestly, however the home owner did the right thing and called the police. I would remind residents that if you have any concerns about people calling at your home, don’t open the door.

"Always check the identity of anyone who calls and don’t be afraid to close your door and leave them waiting outside if you need to telephone to make checks"

Call 101 to report any suspicious behaviour or 999 if it is an emergency. Alternatively, you can contact Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.