The semi-naked Catford man was spotted taking a casual stroll through the high street last week.

Completely naked from the waist down and donning a blonde wig, odd socks and pink bag, in a photo posted by @clogsilk which read ‘Spotted in Catford earlier. Nice’ users took to Twitter to express their shock and amusement.

One user said: “Did she just forget her trousrers?!? Actually, is she a he?’ while another comment read: “Doesn’t she check her rear view before venturing out? Or have honest friends?”

The unknown man was also spotted on Brownhill Road greeting a family on Good Friday this year carrying shopping but wearing an afro wig, but again, forgetting his trousers.

Nathalie Mitchell, who saw him, said: "This man was walking up Brownhill Road on Good Friday with no bottoms on in front of children!"

In a video posted by Facebook user Stevieice Depaul in June, the same man blows a kiss to the camera before slapping his bare bottom on Eastdown Park.

Have you encountered the semi-naked Catford man, or even better, are YOU the semi-naked Catford man? If so, get in touch.