Ask for opinions on Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown and there aren’t likely to be many people sitting on the fence.

Simultaneously castigated and celebrated as Britain’s bluest comedian, one thing is indisputable – through five decades in comedy, he has become a master of his craft.

He knows what his audience wants and he is more than capable of giving it to them.

“After 46 years, if I couldn’t write anything funny I shouldn’t be in the business,” he rightly said.

Roy, 69, will bring his latest Who Ate All the Pies tour to The Churchill Theatre in Bromley on September 6 and it’s sure to be a popular show.

He said: “I have got a lot of fans in your area.

“They know what to expect after 46 years.”

In case you were expecting any different, the content is likely to be controversial.

Based on this week’s news, he said he is planning to tell jokes about Robin Williams’ death.

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Robin Williams

He said: “I loved the bloke but he’s in the news.

He added: “I’ve just written down, ‘knock, knock’, the audience are going to say ‘who’s there’.

“I’m going to say ‘Robin Williams: I’m not dead yet, will you open this f*****g box’.

“As daft as it is, people will laugh at it. I know what they’ll laugh at and I know what they won’t laugh at.”

As Roy said, his audience knows what to expect, and they love him for it.

His work rate is immense – he has toured every week for more than 30 years and every year his Christmas DVDs are bestsellers.

He said: “I record it a couple of months before Christmas, it takes about a month to edit it then I write down every gag that’s on there and change it.

“At Christmas, I don’t want to be walking on stage and have people shouting ‘we’ve heard that one’.

“I spend every single day doing my job.”

While fans love his material, non-fans have often labelled him racist, sexist and other ‘ists’.

He said: “It’s not serious. I’m not in the Houses of Parliament trying to shout my mouth off trying to change the world’s opinions on things. It’s just a joke.”

He added: “If we stopped telling jokes about immigrants, fat people, midgets, women, we’d all be telling the same gags about dogs.

“You’ve got to come at it with an open mind and say ‘it’s a joke’.”

One thing Roy struggles with is the N-word.

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Jay Z

He said: “We’re not allowed to say it yet Puff Daddy and Jay Z and all them have songs out; there’s a gang in London called The N*****s; If you watch 12 Years a Slave, ‘m***********g n****r’ is in it 60 times; Huckleberry Finn had the word n****r in it 11 times.

“It has got to be across the board. It’s rules for one and rules for another.

“As long as you’re not aggressive with it. I’m not insinuating you go out and kick one to death.”

He added: “They want to stop calling themselves it.

“They call me a fat, white honkey b*****d – I haven’t got a problem with that.”

I asked him if he really had been called a ‘fat, white, honkey, b*****d’.

“Yeah, loads of times,” he said.

He added: “The thing is, as far as I’m concerned, you will never stop racism in any way shape, way or form because there is always somebody who doesn’t like somebody else.

 “You can’t stop it. The prisons are full anyway, they can’t lock everyone away. You are always going to get it. It depends on how you say it and how you do it and you have got to do it in small doses.”

Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown is at The Churchill Theatre, Bromley, on September 6. Tickets cost £21. Go to