Greenpeace campaigners yesterday staged a protest outside Bluewater’s LEGO store to call an end to the company’s deal with Shell.

The protest called on LEGO to cut its ties with the oil giant due to claims that the company is threatening the Arctic and unique wildlife that lives there.

More than 700,000 people have signed a petition that Greenpeace have attempted to deliver to LEGO which has been subsequently refused on both occasions.

John Halladay of Greenpeace, said: “Everyone loves LEGO, but no one wants to see LEGO play with Shell. Shell is trying to hijack the magic of LEGO to clean up its dirty image and divert attention from its dangerous plans to raid the pristine Arctic for oil. But we can't let them.

“An oil spill in the Arctic would be devastating to the people and unique wildlife, like polar bears and narwhals that live there. And of course the only reason Shell can even reach the oil is because global warming is melting the ice. It's time for LEGO to think again and pull the plug on this deal. We're calling on Lego to stand up for Arctic protection, and the planet, by ditching Shell for good.”

Greenpeace’s video for the campaign, ‘LEGO: everything is NOT awesome’ has reached more than five million views.

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