Following the third sighting of another white stag painted onto a wall approaching Catford Bridge Station, the question on everyone’s lips is ‘who is the Lewisham Natureman’?

Dubbed as the borough’s very own Banksy and using the same stencil technique as the famous artist, it is believed the Lewisham Natureman, as nicknamed by residents, only comes out at night to paint eerie white stags onto building walls.

However, with other sightings in Greenwich such as Deptford and Kidbrooke, Lewisham residents are eager to protect the work of their incognito resident.

Colin Powell, 54, of Edward Street, Deptford, said: “I think they’re great. Whoever he is he is very talented. It brings a breath of fresh air into Lewisham.

“The only thing that I worry about are people ruining the paintings or complaining to the council but nobody around here seems to mind,” he added.

Do you know the secret identity of the Lewisham Natureman? If so, get in touch.