London Mayor Boris Johnson today declared he intends to stand for Parliament in the 2015 General Election – but it appears he won’t be joining his brother in Bromley.

Speculation is rife after Boris announced his plans this morning (Aug 6) and many believe he’ll look for a seat within the M25.

His tenure as the Mayor of London runs until 2016 and it is unclear how he would divide his time if he were to take up a constituency outside of the south east.

Boris said: "I think we've danced around it an awfully long time now, and as you know the Prime Minister ages ago said he would welcome me back – very kind of him to say so – and has also been pretty clear that I can't endlessly go on dodging these questions as I've tried to do.

"So, let me put it this way – I have not got any particular seat lined up but I do think in all probability – since you can't do these things furtively, I might as well be absolutely clear - in all probability I will try to find somewhere to stand in 2015.

"It's highly likely I will be unsuccessful in that venture. You should never underestimate the possibility of things going badly wrong but I will try that.”

There have been rumours in recent weeks that Bromley MP Bob Neill, or Beckenham’s Bob Stewart MP, will not stand in 2015, which would have paved the way for Boris to go for a certain Tory stronghold in the capital.

But both have been reselected, Bromley’s constituency office has confirmed, while Boris’ brother Jo Johnson, Orpington’s MP, has also been confirmed for next year’s election.