A cyclist claims a HGV driver almost killed him when he was driving through the centre of Bromley, in a clash that went on for minutes. 

The incident, which happened at 2pm on June 22, began in Tweedy Road between Bromley North station and the junction with Widmore Road, and continued along Kentish Way.

Cyclist Nick Stone, who posted a video of the incident on YouTube, said: "The HGV pulled up behind me revving its engine. Always a bad sign.

"As the traffic moved on, the HGV overtook me, but pulled in to the left too quickly and almost sideswiped me. 

"I passed him, and could see in his wing mirror that he had a mobile phone in his right hand and appeared to be texting.

"Further down Kentish Way he passed me again, this time even closer. 

"The first pass may have been carelessness, but the second was clearly deliberate. I am always aware of the possibility of dying on the roads, and I thought my time had come. 

"Once he had passed me he moved back into the right hand lane. The lorry was inches away from me."

Mr Stone says he reported the incident to the company that owns the lorry, BJS Doncaster, which has suspended the driver pending an investigation. 

Jamie Sharp, owner of BJS Doncaster, said: "As soon as Mr Stone brought this to our attention we initiated an investigation into the driver's conduct. Those investigations are still ongoing.

"However, rather than level his complaint towards me, the owner of the company, and allow me to conduct a full and professional investigation, Mr Stone proceeded to post his video onto public fora and involve the press.

"I am not dismissing Mr Stone’s claims by any means, and if the investigation shows the driver to have been driving in a dangerous and negligent manner, then full disciplinary action will be taken.

"But we will not take any action until we are satisfied that the driver is at fault after investigating fully all records at our disposal."