While sipping a cocktail by the beach goes some way to relieving the stress that was packing, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t spend the night before your trip desperately stuffing a suitcase?

The summer holiday season is well underway and a good break does us all good but research has shown that two-thirds of couple admit to arguments over packing and 90 per cent of women wear less than half of the items they take away with them.

Bluewater’s personal shoppers Miss Dress have some great tips on what to take, what leave behind and how to make the most of your space.

News Shopper: Bluewater's stylist Clare Watson (left) with her Miss Dress business partner Bianca

Miss Dress' Bianca (left) and Clare

Savvy packing tips

  • Rather than emptying the entire contents of your wardrobe into your case, think about exactly how many outfits you need for your time away. Do you seriously need a complete change for every evening of your hols?
  • Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of the case, so shoes and toiletries always need to go in first and then start layering items moving upwards to the lightest items being at the top. For the clothes that crease easiest, avoid packing until the last minute to help limit crumpling and always pack flat with the hanger.
  • Think realistically about how many shoes you seriously need, there is no point taking a separate pair for each and every outfit. Instead limit to just one flat pair for day that are good for sightseeing, one for evening (wedges are far more advisable than spindly heels) and a pair of flip-flops.

Holiday essentials

  • A good kaftan. Not only is it this season’s must have item but it is so versatile for transforming from beachwear to party wear if you choose one that has a little decorative embellishment and team with a classic pair of white wide leg linen trousers.
  •  A large 70s style wide brimmed straw hat. They protect against the sun and are great for anyone who is self conscious about their body poolside because the size adds proportion and draws focus away from the figure.
  • Brightly coloured pashminas that work with the items you have already packed, rather than bulky knits for cool evenings. They are inexpensive, chic with any outfit and brights complement a tan. Wear one on the plane instead of the in-flight blanket.

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