A young comedian from Dartford is on the cusp of the big time having gained an impressive fan base.

Aaron Morris, 23, has accumulated more than 44,000 followers on Twitter and is building towards a stand-up show to take to Edinburgh next summer, which he hopes will be his springboard to greater success.

The comedian began stand-up four years ago as a bet and has seen his work nominated for awards and appreciated by comedians like Matt Lucas.

Of his following on the social network, Aaron said: “It is ridiculous. I can tweet anything and it gets retweets.

“It is easier being funnier on Twitter than in real life. If you have got a thousand follows, they retweet it and you gain another couple of hundred. The more followers you have got, it just keeps going up.”

He added: “Mark Dolan (of Channel 4’s Balls of Steel) has a radio show on Fubar Radio. He invited me on as a guest and I went on there and within a day of doing that I gained probably another 10,000 followers.”

Aaron is currently working on new material at open mic slots and small club as he prepares to take a show to Edinburgh in 2015 alongside fellow comic and CBBC presenter Ben Shires.

He said: “We both want to do Edinburgh and we think doing that split show will make it that little bit easier. It will be a bit more difficult for him because most of his audience are nine year olds.

“At the minute, where I’m writing, I’m doing the open mic circuit again and a couple of clubs. I find it easier because you get to try out your material.

“If you go to a theatre or a club and people pay to get in and you’ve not tried out the material then they are not getting their money’s worth.

“At an open mic, if it goes wrong, it doesn’t matter.”

As well as stand-up, Aaron has been working as a presenter for lifestyle website Grab London TV and has reported live from the red carpet at film premieres.

He is also mid way through the third series of his popular The Aaron Morris Podcast. The second series was nominated for a European Podcast Award.

Aaron said: “We have come back to the format we did in the first series.

“With the second series, we structured it more. In the first series, we just talked for an hour and edited it down to half an hour.

“It’s more free and you don’t know what’s coming so you get more funny stuff happening.”

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