Top members of notorious gang the Woolwich Boys, who splurged money from their crack and heroin deals on hire cars, tacky clothes and videos for their terrible rap songs, are facing jail.

Greenwich police's Violent and Organised Crime Unit raided the gang's riverside Rotherhithe flat last year, finding bungling gang member and wannabe rapper Salah Ali Salah asleep next to a room containing a mound of crack cocaine and 200 wraps of heroin.

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In all, drugs with a street value of around £100,000 were found inside the flat, along with £2,690 in cash.

A trial at Woolwich Crown Court heard how the long-running gang, which has historic links to the killers of Lee Rigby, manufactured the drugs before conveying them to other dealers across the country.

Prosecutor Michael Hall explained: "It was a wholesale drug operation providing drugs to somewhere north of London."

When not feeding the habits of drug addicts, the men lived a ludicrous gangsta rap lifestyle, making music under the name Cash Gwop Money and spending their money on flashy videos where they posed in expensive cars they hired for the day, sitting next to fawning models.

One video, called Whippin' Up, saw Salah - who also went under the name 5th Dow - appear to rap about making crack.

Dozy fellow gang member Hassan Hassan, who called himself H-Money, recorded another expletive-filled video on the Barnfield Estate for his dirge Hug Da Block, rapping: "Two shots to your brain. Closed coffin, amen."

Their social media accounts were filled with images of them smoking cannabis, waving wads of cash around and wearing tacky, overpriced clothes like dealer Hassan Hassan's velour Versace track suit - eventually  found inside the raided flat.

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A further video recovered from Hassan Hassan's phone showed Salah and gang member Mohammed Isse Hassan making foul-mouthed brags and posing with bundles of money in the Louis Vitton store at Sloane Square.

Hassan Hassan, 23, of Connaught Road, Woolwich, was convicted on July 23 of two counts of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Salah, 22, of  no fixed address, 20-year-old Fuad Jama, of Barnfield Road, Woolwich, Hassan Yusuf, 19, of Llanover Road, Woolwich, and 22-year-old Mohammed Isse Hassan, 22, of Basildon Road, Abbey Wood, all admitted conspiracy to supply Class A drugs,

They will be sentenced later this year.