Violence has become a common sight on the 108 bus running though Greenwich due to overcrowding described by commuters as 'a serious health and safety issue.'

The single-decker to Stratford reaches capacity daily during peak times causing pregnant women to stand, fights between passengers and even fainting.

Capacity is such an issue for the bus that 20 people on average get left behind daily.

Ruth Townson, 39, of St John's Park, said the problem has become a stressful element of her life for the past six years.

"Every day passengers have to deal with bags in faces if lucky to be seated, jostling, extreme discomfort and raised tempers. I find the journey an ordeal and often arrive at work stressed and frustrated as I have no control over this part of my journey."

Ms Townson, a project manager who boards the bus at Stratheden Road, also said the bus arrives and departs erratically and has even resorted to hiring a minibus with other stressed commuters when there has not been room to get on.

"Overcrowding, inconsistent and delayed services have been an issue since I started using the service," she added.

The bus travels through the Blackwall Tunnel on route from Lewisham, meaning a double-decker would not be an option.

Thomas Turrell, Greenwich constituency organiser, raised awareness to TFL who will be adding another service this autumn.

Mr Turrell said: "I'm pleased that Transport for London have finally recognised the issues on the 108 bus and are taking the first steps to addressing them."

Bob Blitz, London Buses Network Planning Manager, said: "We are aware of capacity concerns from passengers on the route 108 bus in the Blackheath area. We have recently been examining the feasibility of adding more capacity to this route at the busiest times."