Engaged couples say a Greenwich pub has "destroyed" their upcoming wedding days because ugly scaffolding has wrecked the "to-die-for" river views.

One bride-to-be told News Shopper she feels the Trafalgar Tavern has "ruined" her special day after she was only told the scaffolding would be up with just five weeks to go.

News Shopper:

Emma Bennett was forced to change venues at the last minute to avoid wedding pictures full of the ugly work which she claims will also "darken" the interior.

The 33-year-old, who lives in Bexleyheath, said: "I am so upset.

"They have ruined it for me. I don’t have any trust, I feel lied to.

"We only booked there because of the views of the Thames so it basically means we would have no decent wedding pictures.

"I am devastated." 

The receptionist says she now faces starting married life with debt after being forced to upgrade to the Royal Naval College for her wedding to Ian Hudson, 37, on August 25.

She claims she was repeatedly told scaffolding, erected in March, would be down in time for her big day.

News Shopper understands there are 13 couples affected in August and the scaffolding is due to remain until December.

The general manager of the tavern, in Park Row, says couples will not receive compensation. 

He claims the venue is the "victim" after landlord Greenwich Hospital insisted on the "emergency works". 

Simon Edge is due to marry partner Ezio Alessandroni on August 20 and said the couple spent a "sleepless night" after finding out about the problem last week by email.

The journalist says he feels they have been treated with "contempt" by the venue, especially when the organisers knew his partner had almost recently died from cancer.

News Shopper:


Mr Edge, who lives off Trafalgar Road, said: "They have destroyed our forthcoming wedding day by taking our booking and deposit without telling us that the to-die-for river view we are paying handsomely for will be virtually obliterated on the day by scaffolding.

"My partner very nearly died and is still ill, they knew about that, we do not need this. 

"This is meant to be a warm memorable day, full of heart, unpretentious in a pub.

"I placed trust with my intimate life in people who have just got total contempt for us.

"They are really unscrupulous."

The tavern's general manager, who refused to give his name, said: "I understand their concern. We don’t like to put the scaffolding outside, it is from the landlord. 

"We didn’t know about this emergency work.

"It isn’t going to be dark inside. 

"The building is an old historic one. The view comes extra. 

"There is not going to be any compensation. 

"We are the victim here. We don’t want to lose money."

A spokesman for Greenwich Hopsital said the building was being let to Trafalgar Tavern Lease Limited, which was fully responsible for the repair and condition of the building.