The leader of a far right group who claimed he was wanted by police over his "invasion" of a Crayford mosque tried to give himself up for arrest – and failed.

Britain First leader Paul Golding and six supporters waited nearly an hour in blazing sunshine outside Bexleyheath Police Station in Arnsberg Way on the afternoon of July 16.

But after repeatedly assuring News Shopper his arrest was imminent, the former Swanley BNP councillor was quietly ushered into an office for questioning instead.

The stunt came after Mr Golding and five Britain First activists "invaded" Crayford Mosque on July 13 and demanded members remove "sexist" entrance signs for men and women.

After the incident Mr Golding said: “They probably kept me out there to de-hydrate me so I would fold under questioning.

“I was questioned for about an hour and then released. It was a waste of my time.

News Shopper:

Britain First's leader with members of the group's 'Kent Batallion' 

“I wasn’t expecting them to do what they did. I thought they would arrest me as they have done before.

“It was more than likely in my calculations that they would.”

When pressed on whether he would carry out his threat to remove the signs at the mosque Mr Golding said: “You will have to wait and see”.

He claimed teams of officers with dogs searched a number of addresses for him following the incident at the North West Kent Muslim Association in Crayford High Street.

Police confirmed homes were visited but denied dogs were used.

News Shopper:

Mr Golding took a photograph on behalf of a visiting school group while he waited.

A Bexley Police spokesman said: "A man in his 30s voluntarily turned up at a south London police station during the afternoon of July 16 to speak with officers.

"He was not arrested but was interviewed under caution by officers.

"No other persons were interviewed and there was no warrant out for the man’s arrest.

"Officers from Bexley attended a number of addresses on July 13 and early on Monday July 14 as part of their enquiries into the incident at Crayford Mosque.

"Officers entered one address as part of these enquiries, which was found by officers left open, insecure and unattended when they arrived.

"No arrests were made"