Rock fans revelled at Hyde Park last night (July 4) as the Ozzy Osbourne fronted Black Sabbath performed the lead slot at the second night of British Summer Time at Hyde Park.

Vibe was there and here are six things we learnt...

Superunkown should be super known

Twenty years after its release – and to mark its reissue – the grunge rockers Soundgarden performed thier fourth, seminal album Superunknown in full.

After two decades, the record still sounded great. Chris Cornell and co started a bit slowly but soon got into the groove. Superunkown, Black Hole Sun and Limo Wreck were the highlights.

Turbowolf revved up

Ok, so I didn’t catch EVERY band playing last night, but from what I saw, Turbowolf could stir up a party with the best of them.

Performing on the outside Summer Stage, the kooky four piece had the crowd going crazy, leaping around, screaming and waving their arms in a way that no one on the main stage could muster.

The crowd were sufficiently enraptured that singer Chris Georgiadis signed off with a stage dive.

Black Sabbath have still got it

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When I told a friend I was off to see Black Sabbath, she appeared to confirm what I (and doubtless many others) had feared – that they’d lost it. Perhaps only aside from those wearing 2014 tour t-shirts (and there were a lot), most of us were concerned that Ozzy Osbourne in particular would be a broken, staggering, slurring wreck after years of abusing his body.

Not a bit of it. The Prince of Darkness was on fine form, stalking around stage – and at one stage bunny hopping like an enthusiastic toddler – and he sounded great. 

The rest of the band put on a crunching, riff-laden show of greatest hits which can’t have disappointed a soul.

It was Ozzy and Sharon’s anniversary

News Shopper: Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, who own a house in Gerrards Cross

Ozzy and Sharon (not pictured yesterday)

And to mark the occasion he played a song backed by a video which showed a man hanging from a meat hook and a gas masked stripper covered in blood. You old romantic, Ozzy.

Off stage, Ozzy threw a pre-show party with his wife and daughter, Kelly.

Johnny Depp was among the celebs who showed up to see Sabbath.

Rock fans are awesome

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Their mums probably thought the long hair was a phase and that they would regret the tattoos. Pah! Hyde Park was filled with a full range of good-natured eccentric and alternative rockers and metallers, and it was great to see. 


The weekend starts here

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As Black Sabbath walked on stage, they brought with them a stiff breeze and encroaching darkness.

It was almost as if they conjured it.  Midway through the set, it started to rain and it became clear that it wasn’t stage craft, just the weekend’s forecast arriving a few hours early.

Best bring a waterproof to the The Libertines today.