Part of Deptford High Street was cordoned off by police with riot shields this morning with witnesses claiming an "Incredible Hulk lookalike" was attacked with an axe following an argument.

Witnesses say around 20 officers were on the scene with online footage showing police gathered outside Share Think & Act.

Joe Omit, 27, said one of the men involved was so huge he was an "Incredible Hulk lookalike". He said : "The huge guy was just having an argument with some friends. He wanted his belongings back which they refused so he smashed some glass on the store.

"The other guys then started swinging an axe at him and tasering him through the hole in the glass.

"It went on for quite some time before the police arrived."

He said: "Because of how huge the guy was the police descended on him - there were about six police officers.

"But he wasn't aggressive, he was just upset. He had his hands behind his back before they got out of the car."

He said: "The police shut down the whole road and I think arrested the two guys.

"It was pretty bizarre for that time of day."

A spokeswoman for Lewisham police confirmed they were called to the high street at around 8.59am following reports of a disturbance involving one man in possession of a weapon believed to be an axe or Taser.

She said: "As soon as officers arrived on scene one man who was found outside of the address was arrested for criminal damage.

"Two other men later came out of the address and were arrested by police.

"A search was conducted by officers inside the premises and a stun gun was recovered and seized.

"All three suspects are currently in custody at a south London Police Station."

Deptford High Street was closed both ways due to the incident between Evelyn Street and Hamilton Street.

Video above courtesy of @j_eskay