Vibe’s Ciara Murphy took to the streets to find out what’s hot...

News Shopper:

Chaenel Hay, 17, from Petts Wood, is a student who describes her style as eclectic and is always looking for new outfits that catch her eye.

Chaenel says: “This isn’t actually my general style – normally I like to go for a more glamorous look. However on a trip to the shops like today, I prefer to dress down with clothes like these.

“I’m currently headed to Clarks to pick up some new pumps to wear as the weather gets warmer, and hopefully I’ll be able to find a pair which could go with any outfit.

The shirt I’m wearing was from Asos for £35, and I really like it because of the cute elephant print, and the leggings and shoes are both from Next.”


News Shopper:

Cymmone Hay, 43, is a solicitor from Petts Woods who likes her outfits to be comfy, particularly if her day involves a lot of walking.

“I like being able to dress casually if I’m just going for a walk around town, so this kind of outfit is what I would normally wear on most days.

“It’s nice to be able to wear sandals like these too in the summer, so I’m glad that the sun is finally coming out!

“My top is from Next – I like their patterns shirts like this one which has glasses on it, and think they’re really nice to wear when the weather is like it is today. I bought the jeans from Jerry Webber, and the sandals are from Scholl.”

News Shopper:

Elizabeth Tolson, 74, is retired and enjoys passing the summer days perusing the shops in her local area. She describes her style as comfortable, and particularly summery around this time of year.

Elizabeth says: “I always try and wear things that go together. I wasn’t too sure about this shirt, but once I found these trousers I knew that they would go quite nicely together.

“I also often try and choose colours that go with the season too, which is why I picked up this pastel blue bag. It’s nice to be able to add a splash of colour to brighten up your day, and it’s also the perfect size to carry around everything that I need.

“The trousers I’m wearing are from Viyella, which I like because their clothes are both casual and smart, and I bought this shirt, which has a floral pattern with butterflies on it, from Wallace.”